About Julie Ordon


Dreamer and passionate of Fashion, the Top Model Julie ORDON created a fine line of unique Swiss jewellery that reflects her personality: Bohemian, and Sensual. 

The desire of sharing her passion, her dreams, putting her inspiration like a personal journal into drawing of delicate jewellery's become something incredible for her.  Her best sellers like Body chains or Earrings were inspired by the indien and roman women of ancient time, flirting on the skin under clothing like a second skin or a precious, intimate and sexy object.

The choice of each stone or natural material like leather or organic ropes is very important in her jewelry : they all have a message, a symbolic or a therapeutic effect . Julie Ordon signed a brand new collection of precious body chains, bracelet, necklace, rings, headpieces and earrings glamour, mystical and protective. 



You can find Hippie Dreamers jewellery online, in Geneva, Paris & St Barth, and during special event & Sales.

If you have any special request of size for example, please feel free to send us an email : Info@hippiedreamers.com