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Beige rope & Emerald raw beed & Black Diamond silver Bracelet 

Silver stamp with logo and a single black diamond on the back

Pavé silver & black diamond beeds x2

Silver beeds x2

Beige rope, length : 19 cm


△Rond shape Black Diamond x 11

Black diamond symbolize relationship between men and women. Even since the Medieval times, this gemstone had already become so popular for its use. A diamond jewelry is believed to be able to increase inner strength, to enhance relationship and to give balance for the wearer. At the same time, it also provides abundance and clarity. With its properties, it can help to remove certain deviations in aura and change it with pure love energy.

△Raw emerald beed x1

The emerald is the sacred stone of the planet Mercury and has long been considered a symbol of hope. The emerald is said to bring the wearer wisdom. The most effective time for an emerald's power is the spring.Emeralds are lucky for love, so if you give your lover an emerald, it may keep them faithful to you.In a number of cultures, the emerald is said to be beneficial for producing rain.